I Found the Rare ” Nice Guy ” that Everyone Searches For….

Why does it always seem that ALL of the Nice Guys are either Married, or Gay ?!

I used to say that UNTIL I found ” Him ” One Fateful Day.

I LOVE Him with ALL of My Heart and Soul,

and I have No Doubt that He’s My True Soul Mate.

 All I ever wanted was One ” Nice ” Guy that would Treat Me with Respect, True Caring, Kindness, Compassion, Understanding, Love, and Passion. Plus also Very Importantly He’d be Completely Faithful, and Always Honest. I dealt with Liars too many Times in My Past.

With” Him ” – My Sweetheart.. My True Soul Mate… I know He’s Sincere. I know deep in My Heart, and in My Soul that He would Never Lie to Me. Plus, He’s always been nothing but Kind, Caring, Compassionate, Understanding, Loving, and Passionate with Me.


Some Guys think that JUST because They’re Chatting with Someone Online that gives Them the Right to Pretend to be Something, or Someone They are NOT !

BUT ” HE ” wasn’t that Way. He was simply ” Himself ” from the Very Start, and I think that’s One of the Many Reasons I fell so deeply and thoroughly in Love with Him.

So I’m NOT ” Looking for Anyone ” anymore…. WHY should I when Fate has played It’s Hand, and I’ve Found the RARE ” Nice Guy ” that Everyone searches for ?!

It was just when I had STOPPED ” Looking ” that I stumbled upon My Sweetheart One Day. I am So Thankful for that WONDERFUL DAY !

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