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Falling to Pieces….

I feel like my World is falling apart around Me as I sit here helpless. All I can do is just watch it happen. I always believed that people are basically ” trustworthy and good “, and deserve to be … Continue reading

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Oh Well… So Much for Waiting for His Call…

Another Day has gone, and yet again He has a ” reason ” for not calling Me. Granted it’s not a bad reason, especially since I get bad headaches sometimes too. Plus, I suppose I should focus on the positive … Continue reading

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Left ‘ Wondering ‘ Again….

Once again I’m left wondering WHY ? What I’m referring to is the fact that my ” Maine ” Sweetheart didn’t call Me yesterday. I should be used to Him doing that by now, since it seems to be a … Continue reading

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Torn….. But Why ????…. I Wish I Knew…

Lately I’ve been feeling very Mixed as far as my Feelings about 2 People that have been an integral part of my Life for a Very Long Time. One is my Ex-Bf that I have a Very ” Mixed ” … Continue reading

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