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I hate it when I’m right …

All of my suspicions were proved right by his actions. I hate it when my gut feelings are proven right ! I wish for once that I was wrong about a ” gut feeling “, or ” instinct “. But … Continue reading

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Slipping Away …

I don’t know exactly why it feels this way, but time after time every time I get near having what I want in life something happens, and it slips away. As soon as my dreams of real happiness appear to … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech ? ….

I realize as far as the whole issue of ” Freedom of Speech ” goes, the right to freely express your thoughts and feelings in posts on facebook is relatively minor compared to say…. the freedom to speak out against … Continue reading

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Opening the Door once again….

Once again I’m opening the door to possible romance. Since I’m only in the very first steps of getting to know ” him “, I’m determined to keep myself in a state of hopefulness that’s tempered with reasonable caution, and … Continue reading

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” Silence Kills Quicker “…

It’s typically said that a gun, a knife, or even poison, will kill your target quickly. Yet I’m here to say that silence kills quicker than any of these methods. With silence your heart may still be beating, but you’ll … Continue reading

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” I’ve had it with Men ! ” ….

I’m so frustrated right now I could scream ! I would scream, but since I live in an apartment building I’d be afraid to do that and have someone think that I was being murdered, or something ! So I’m … Continue reading

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Not even ” Back Yet “, and Already playing Games ! …

I don’t know what the heck was truly going on tonight, but it just didn’t seem right. Earlier this evening I had talked to him on the phone, and had a very nice conversation. Then around 11 pm tonight I’m … Continue reading

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Swirling Thoughts…..

Maybe I should have figured this would happen, since it seems like every time things are going wonderfully that’s exactly when it all goes south. I was anticipating a phone call from my ex-boyfriend, but I had no clue it … Continue reading

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Is it natural to often want what’s out of our reach ?

It’s been a very grey, and rainy day here today. Weather like that always puts me in a very deep-thinking mood. That’s saying a lot since I’m naturally an over-thinker already, most of the time. As I’m sitting here with … Continue reading

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Wishing for One More Conversation… ” sort of “…

During that very last phone conversation I had with ” Him “, my former Maine Sweetheart, the last words I uttered I could barely speak because of the tears flowing so freely that were choking Me up completely. This is … Continue reading

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