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Chose my Path at the Crossroads…. Was it the right choice ? …

Recently I made a major decision for my life. The result of this decision will be some major changes in pretty much every aspect of my life. Did I make the right choice ? Did I take the right path … Continue reading

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” When You tell me about ‘ Her ‘ ” …

I’m here miles away, but She’s there with You. What makes You think I want to hear anything about Her ? To me she’s nothing but a faulty substitute, and I almost wish she would simply burn. Burn away like … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday My Love ….

Happy Birthday My Love. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday even though we’re not together yet. But next year for your birthday I will make sure it is something very special, of that you can safely bet. On … Continue reading

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Slipping Away …

I don’t know exactly why it feels this way, but time after time every time I get near having what I want in life something happens, and it slips away. As soon as my dreams of real happiness appear to … Continue reading

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Raw Emotions of Past and Present

I felt a need to write this post in order to explain something so there will never be any misunderstandings. The way I write is straight from my heart, and my soul. I write out my ” raw emotions “, … Continue reading

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Say what you mean…. and mean what you say …

Maybe I’m simply naive, and I should wise up to the ways of the world. I don’t know. All I know for certain is that I’m tired of the way some people will tell you what you want to hear, … Continue reading

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Why Should I ? …

You act like you believe I should fight to keep you in my life. Your behavior and your attitude tells me that you believe that I should compete for you. I’ve got news for you. I don’t have to compete … Continue reading

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