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Slipping Away …

I don’t know exactly why it feels this way, but time after time every time I get near having what I want in life something happens, and it slips away. As soon as my dreams of real happiness appear to … Continue reading

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” Reaching Out To You “…

Time after time I reach my hand out to you, and also my heart. Still every time you push me away, and rip my world apart. If you would simply give me five minutes of your time, I’m sure you … Continue reading

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Can’t go through this again, and not sure I should allow myself to go through this ” mess ” again

I know that everyone has heard of deja vu, but what’s not commonly talked about is when the ” repeated ” situation is a negative one. The only deja vu situations I’ve ever heard of have always been positive ones. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to All !!! ****

Another Christmas day is already here. It seems like yesterday when I was finally done with the time I spent at ” The Consulate of NPR ” for physical therapy because of my bad knees. Last year I spend a … Continue reading

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” I Had a Dream “….

Once I had a Dream of Me and You. We were madly and deeply in Love. It was a Love unlike any other, A Love that seemed fated to be. At least this is how it seemed to Me. After … Continue reading

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