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I hate it when I’m right …

All of my suspicions were proved right by his actions. I hate it when my gut feelings are proven right ! I wish for once that I was wrong about a ” gut feeling “, or ” instinct “. But … Continue reading

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Chose my Path at the Crossroads…. Was it the right choice ? …

Recently I made a major decision for my life. The result of this decision will be some major changes in pretty much every aspect of my life. Did I make the right choice ? Did I take the right path … Continue reading

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Say what you mean…. and mean what you say …

Maybe I’m simply naive, and I should wise up to the ways of the world. I don’t know. All I know for certain is that I’m tired of the way some people will tell you what you want to hear, … Continue reading

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No More ” Maine ” Sweetheart… :(

Today the phone call from my supposed ” Maine ” Sweetheart turned out exactly how I had feared that it would ! I got the standard speech that He wants us to be ” Just Friends ” from now on. … Continue reading

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