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Tired of the Self-Centered People in my Life !!!! …

What’s with some people ? Everything is ALWAYS about them ! Do they ever bother asking how I’m doing at all before going into a long tirade of how terrible things are in their life ? Oh hell no ! … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech ? ….

I realize as far as the whole issue of ” Freedom of Speech ” goes, the right to freely express your thoughts and feelings in posts on facebook is relatively minor compared to say…. the freedom to speak out against … Continue reading

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I need to make something crystal clear….

This blog is my outlet… for good, or bad, it doesn’t matter. I use this blog to release thoughts, and emotions that have been plaguing me. Plus many times I’m simply writing down my thoughts, experiences, and feelings about someone, … Continue reading

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Not even ” Back Yet “, and Already playing Games ! …

I don’t know what the heck was truly going on tonight, but it just didn’t seem right. Earlier this evening I had talked to him on the phone, and had a very nice conversation. Then around 11 pm tonight I’m … Continue reading

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Wanting to make ” New Friends ” means ONLY that… ” JUST FRIENDS “, and Nothing More… How is that Unclear ?

Even though I realize I may come off as sounding slightly naive about this issue, I don’t care. I still feel that it’s something that should be talked about. I simply don’t understand why it seems to be so difficult … Continue reading

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Online Dating… Part 2…

Earlier, last night technically since it’s 3:08 am Friday right now, I allowed a guy I had met on an online dating site a short time ago to come over so We could meet in person. It was the first … Continue reading

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” Online Dating ” !…OMG ! It’s a Damn Circus out There !

I’ve only been looking into online dating for a little over One Week, and so far that’s been more than enough to see how crazy it is ! OMG ! It is a complete psychotic Circus out there ! I … Continue reading

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