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” Devoted to You ” …

Years have past and still You are the Only One I want, the Only One that fits the bill. Others have come and gone, and tried to insert themselves into my life. I didn’t listen to them at all, because … Continue reading

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” Love is Messy ” …

Love is never like they told you in the fairy tales. Love is complicated and messy at best. Don’t let this fact take the wind out of your sails. Love is still well worth trying for, since once you find … Continue reading

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” Longing for You ” …

Longing for you so much, that I dream quite often of your touch. I love you completely with every part of my heart and soul. I miss you so much it’s a hunger that knows no satisfaction. Only when Our … Continue reading

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” When You tell me about ‘ Her ‘ ” …

I’m here miles away, but She’s there with You. What makes You think I want to hear anything about Her ? To me she’s nothing but a faulty substitute, and I almost wish she would simply burn. Burn away like … Continue reading

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One More Note about My Posts …

I felt a need to remind any readers of my blogs that sometimes my posts are about things that happened many years ago, and sometimes they are complete fiction – ( just about a feeling that ” someone ” might … Continue reading

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Raw Emotions of Past and Present

I felt a need to write this post in order to explain something so there will never be any misunderstandings. The way I write is straight from my heart, and my soul. I write out my ” raw emotions “, … Continue reading

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” Sometimes “….

Sometimes I wish I never met you, but then I think of the Love we share, a Love that’s stronger now than when it was brand new. Still sometimes I wonder if my Life would be a lot easier, without … Continue reading

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