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” Sometimes “….

Sometimes I wish I never met you, but then I think of the Love we share, a Love that’s stronger now than when it was brand new. Still sometimes I wonder if my Life would be a lot easier, without … Continue reading

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Love Him but Damn He’s Frustrating Sometimes…

I love him very much, but I swear sometimes he frustrates so much ! We’re not even officially ” back together again ” yet, and already he’s got me sitting around worrying about him. That should very likely be a … Continue reading

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Stretching my Wings now…

Tonight I’ve decided that I’m going to reach out to my ex-bf instead of waiting for Him to call me. I made that mistake with my ” former ” Maine sweetheart. I always waited around for him to decide to … Continue reading

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No Letter Yet… But that doesn’t mean that it’s not coming soon…

I was very hopeful that by Today I’d get a letter from my ex-bf, since I got a surprise phone call from Him recently, and He said He’d be writing to Me soon. I think I’m rushing things a bit … Continue reading

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