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Love Addiction… This is ONLY my opinion… nothing else

Before I even start to explore my opinions, and viewpoints on the subject of Love Addiction, I need to remind anyone that reads this of one simple fact. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right or wrong. It’s not … Continue reading

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” Silence Kills “….

It’s been only a little over five months, but it feels like five years. At least I’m no longer plagued by rivers of tears. You said that you wanted us to ” Be Friends. ” It’s clear now that was … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words : ” I’ll Keep You Posted, ” yeah right ! …

The ending sentence of the last email I received from my ” Maine ” Sweetheart was ” I’ll keep You posted. ” This was referring to His supposed promise to let Me know when He would be back from a … Continue reading

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Can I Take Much More of This ?…

I realize that when You truly love someone You take the Good and the Bad – ALL of Them. But what IF a ” Bad ” part of Them is something You can’t take any more ? What Then ? … Continue reading

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