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I need to make something crystal clear….

This blog is my outlet… for good, or bad, it doesn’t matter. I use this blog to release thoughts, and emotions that have been plaguing me. Plus many times I’m simply writing down my thoughts, experiences, and feelings about someone, … Continue reading

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Got an Explanation… but Now What ?! ….

Was it so wrong for Me to believe that He would Call Me once He got home from Work Today ? I don’t feel like I was expecting too much, but apparently it’s too much to expect from Him right … Continue reading

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” Why do You do This ? “….

I have given You my Heart and my Soul, and for You I would gladly pay any Toll. Yet here I sit wondering why… Why are You seemingly turning Your back on Me ? How hard is it to make … Continue reading

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Can I Take Much More of This ?…

I realize that when You truly love someone You take the Good and the Bad – ALL of Them. But what IF a ” Bad ” part of Them is something You can’t take any more ? What Then ? … Continue reading

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