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Swirling Thoughts…..

Maybe I should have figured this would happen, since it seems like every time things are going wonderfully that’s exactly when it all goes south. I was anticipating a phone call from my ex-boyfriend, but I had no clue it … Continue reading

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” One Phone Call “….

One phone call out of the clear blue, can be the difference between drowning in despair and seeing the whole world anew. Earlier this evening I felt I was sinking in loneliness, then suddenly the phone rang and I was … Continue reading

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Frustration Thy Name is ” Maine ” Sweetheart…..

I feel that I’ve been very understanding, but I’m quickly beginning to reach the end of my rope. I realized that His Weekend trip with His Mom was unavoidable, since it was because of a family medical emergency with His … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words : ” I’ll Keep You Posted, ” yeah right ! …

The ending sentence of the last email I received from my ” Maine ” Sweetheart was ” I’ll keep You posted. ” This was referring to His supposed promise to let Me know when He would be back from a … Continue reading

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Misconstrued… A supposed ” Joke ” that wasn’t truly a ” Joke “…

During a phone conversation I recently had with my ” Maine ” Sweetheart I made a statement to Him that I played off as a ” Joke “. The reality of things was that I meant it with all of … Continue reading

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” Why do I Always have to Mess Things Up ?! “

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Me ! Why is it that every time I have a ” Good Thing ” going that I have to open my big mouth, and screw it up ?! I did … Continue reading

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Frustrated with Men….

I think it’s hilarious the way many men say that it’s ” Women ” that are the difficult ones that are very hard to understand ! HAH ! That’s just NOT true ! At least in my experiences it’s not … Continue reading

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