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” Silence Kills Quicker “…

It’s typically said that a gun, a knife, or even poison, will kill your target quickly. Yet I’m here to say that silence kills quicker than any of these methods. With silence your heart may still be beating, but you’ll … Continue reading

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A Letter I’ll Never Send….. ” Is Love Enough ? “

I gave you my heart, and my soul, but nothing I ever did, or said, seemed to ever be enough for you. You always wanted more from me. When I finally had to stop the drain on my spirit, you … Continue reading

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” Silence Kills “….

It’s been only a little over five months, but it feels like five years. At least I’m no longer plagued by rivers of tears. You said that you wanted us to ” Be Friends. ” It’s clear now that was … Continue reading

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New Non New Year’s Resolutions …

Too many times we make a ton of promises to change various aspects of our lives in the new year. More often than not those resolutions go by the wayside within as little as the first month of the new … Continue reading

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” Loving Hurts “…

Whether it’s for a lover or a family member, it’s all the same. Soon enough there’s pain that tears your heart asunder. With so many highs and lows involved at times it seems very much like a game. You give … Continue reading

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