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Seeds of Doubt…. Can they be un-done ? un-planted ? … especially with roots so deep ?

Once the seeds of doubt are planted, how do you undo what’s already been done ? Trust can be as strong as a hurricane, but once it’s been broken it’s transformed and is as fragile as the most delicate crystal. … Continue reading

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” I am Only Human ” …

No matter how hard I try mistakes still occur, for there’s only one thing I know for sure. I am only Human, as We all are. We strive so hard for perfection, banging our heads against an invisible brick wall … Continue reading

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” Love is Messy ” …

Love is never like they told you in the fairy tales. Love is complicated and messy at best. Don’t let this fact take the wind out of your sails. Love is still well worth trying for, since once you find … Continue reading

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Say what you mean…. and mean what you say …

Maybe I’m simply naive, and I should wise up to the ways of the world. I don’t know. All I know for certain is that I’m tired of the way some people will tell you what you want to hear, … Continue reading

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Why Should I ? …

You act like you believe I should fight to keep you in my life. Your behavior and your attitude tells me that you believe that I should compete for you. I’ve got news for you. I don’t have to compete … Continue reading

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Missing You…. Right or Wrong ?…

Others may not understand, but I can’t help it. Every day I think of you, and miss you with every fiber of me. With every breath I take my thoughts fill of you, and I imagine you right here beside … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech ? ….

I realize as far as the whole issue of ” Freedom of Speech ” goes, the right to freely express your thoughts and feelings in posts on facebook is relatively minor compared to say…. the freedom to speak out against … Continue reading

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