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Slipping Away …

I don’t know exactly why it feels this way, but time after time every time I get near having what I want in life something happens, and it slips away. As soon as my dreams of real happiness appear to … Continue reading

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” Silence Kills Quicker “…

It’s typically said that a gun, a knife, or even poison, will kill your target quickly. Yet I’m here to say that silence kills quicker than any of these methods. With silence your heart may still be beating, but you’ll … Continue reading

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” I’ve had it with Men ! ” ….

I’m so frustrated right now I could scream ! I would scream, but since I live in an apartment building I’d be afraid to do that and have someone think that I was being murdered, or something ! So I’m … Continue reading

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” Playing Games Already ” – Part 2 ~~~~

About one hour after I had written my last post, I saw on his Facebook page that suddenly two new Friends were added. One of them I wouldn’t have thought much about, but the other gave me definite pause. The … Continue reading

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