All About Me

I’ve Always been a Lover of Everything Romantic; except for Romance Novels. I prefer to ” Live ” the Romance, than to just Read about it. The ” Real Thing ” of course, is much better than the Written Word. I Love ” LOVE “, even though that sounds kind of corny. I believe that for Every One of US in the World there is a ” Soul Mate ” out There Somewhere. The catch is that We get so worked up as far as ” Looking for Mr. or Miss Right ” that We convince ourselves that We can Find Them IF We just try hard enough. That’s not always true. Sometimes it’s when We Stop ” Looking ” that only Then Our True Soul Mate literally ” falls into Our Laps “. I was Blessed this Way on the Day that I stumbled upon My Soul Mate while in an AOL Chat Room. He didn’t even message Me, or Anyone else for that matter. There was just something about His ID that caught My Attention, and told Me to be brave and message Him. So I did, and Ever Since Then I’ve Never Regretted it. In Fact I feel that Him and I were Brought Together by Fate.

I’ve had several Relationships in My Life, but until ” Him ” I hadn’t found my Soul Mate.

I even had One Marriage, but my Ex-husband was never as committed to the Marriage as I was, so I ended up having no choice but to Divorce Him. I’m not bitter about that though, especially since IF I had Never gotten that Divorce then I would have Never ended up meeting ” Him “. The Way I see it, I simply wasn’t meant to be married to my Ex-husband.

I’m the Type that people say ” Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve “. I give of Myself completely in a Relationship. I give ALL of My Heart, and Soul, with No Restrictions. This has ended up in Heart Break for Me many Times, but I can’t help the Way I am. I Love with Everything in Me, and Always Will. I believe it’s the Only Way to Truly Love Someone.. to Give All of Yourself to the Other Person, Unconditionally. I know that there are some that might not agree with Me about this, but it’s a matter of personal opinion I believe. It’s up to Each Individual how They decide to ” Love ” Others.

What’s so Amazing… Wonderful… and Fabulous… is that My True ” Soul Mate ” – ” Him ” – is Just as Passionate, Loving, Caring, Romantic, Compassionate, and Understanding, as I am. I feel so Blessed to have found Him – With God’s Guidance.

The Heavens Above brought Him and I Together… of that I have No Doubt.

Besides being a Very Passionate Romantic, I Love to Write – obviously.. lol, I Love to Read Fantasy and Sci-Fi, I enjoy Drawing, I Love to Listen to Extreme Alternative Rock music, I  enjoy watching Movies, I also enjoy playing Board Games and Chess, Plus given the Opportunity I Love to Gaze at the Stars on a Clear Cool Night.









4 Responses to All About Me

  1. doncharisma says:

    Hey thanks for dropping in on my blog and following … I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

    Keep in touch …


    Don Charisma

  2. It’s great to finally meet the person that compliments you perfectly.

  3. I love that you can be so open about how you’re feeling… I don’t know why so many people feel that have to hold back. So many experiences are common across millions of people; it’s good to stand in solidarity to not feel so alone. You have a new follower. I’d love to see you over on my blog.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind words about my open way of writing. It’s how I’ve always been when I write. I doubt I could write any other way. Besides it would defeat one of the multitude of reasons why I love to write, and that is to fully express any intense situations I’m coping with at that time, or sometimes a few that I’ve never quite resolved from my past. I’ll definitely be visiting your blog too, gladly. Thanks again.

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