Tired of the Self-Centered People in my Life !!!! …

What’s with some people ? Everything is ALWAYS about them ! Do they ever bother asking how I’m doing at all before going into a long tirade of how terrible things are in their life ? Oh hell no ! Conversations with them follow the same pattern every single damn time I talk to them, and I’m sick and tired of it !

From the moment I pick up the phone to say ” Hello “, till I say ” Goodbye, I love you – or Goodbye, I hope you have a good day, ” the topic is about one thing – ME, ME, ME, ME, – meaning ALL about them !

Just once it’d be nice if either of them asked, ” How are you doing ? “, before going on and on forever about their terrible ordeals ! Of course everything they go through is always a ‘ terrible ordeal ‘, even though I’ve been through similar things in my past, and I don’t remember ever whining to anyone about it the way that they constantly do.

It’d be a sure bet if I dared whine to either of them about the many things I go through in my own life, they’d be telling me to ‘ grow a backbone ‘, or ‘ suck it up ‘ !

Why don’t I tell either of them to do that ? The answer that is very simple. I don’t bother because I’m certain beyond a doubt that neither of them would listen to me one damn bit ! If they did listen to me at all, they’d end up very likely getting overly defensive and irritable with me because I was trying to get them act like adults !

The funniest and most twisted part of all of this is the way that they act surprised when I have a distant attitude toward them sometimes ! LOL !

That ‘ distant ‘ attitude is because I’m tired of their immature attitudes about life, and it’s struggles. I care about both of them, but why should I pretend to care every time they whine and ramble on about how hard things are for them ? It’s especially frustrating for me when I try to suggest things to them that may help their situations, but they always insist that my suggestions won’t help. I’m sure this is simply because they LOVE being the center of attention, and LOVE the drama of their supposed terrible situations ! LOL !

What should I do about these two people in my life that are ‘ Drama Queens ‘ ? LOL

I say ‘ Drama Queens ‘ even though they’re both male, but as whiny as they get they sound like girls ! No offense to my gender though, since I am not whiny like that at all ! I know it’s just a stereotype that women are frail, and unable to handle stressful situations. I don’t believe in perpetuating stereotypes at all, but in this case I couldn’t resist using it to describe how these two guys have been acting lately. They’ve been so feminine in their whining, that they should just give up, and put on dresses and high heels ! LOL !

What to do about Them ?

Well, I suppose I have two choices.

I either continue to allow them to ramble on and on while talking to them on the phone, letting them treat me as if I’m their therapist. Or I tell them both where to go !

What I mean by that second option is that I could tell them that I’m sick of their whiny attitudes, and completely selfish ways, and I’m through ! I could tell them bluntly that I won’t have anything more to do with them ! I could refuse to talk to them anymore, or at the very least make it clear that I will only talk to them again if they changed their attitudes completely, and actually ask me sometimes how I’m doing for a change !

I’m a wimp, and I admit it. I’ll very likely continue to play the role of their ‘ unofficial ‘ phone therapist, and continue to put my own needs aside in order to listen to them ramble constantly about their supposed terrible situations !

I know that’s not the best option for me to pick. For this New Year, I know I need to work on removing toxic people like those two from my life. All they truly add to my life is stress, frustration, anxiety, and a level of loneliness even though they do call me – since they call but they don’t ‘ truly ‘ talk to me. It’s pretty sad when a person’s so selfish that they’ll call someone they supposedly care about, but their call leaves that person wondering WHY they bothered calling in the first place !

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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