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Why Should I ? …

You act like you believe I should fight to keep you in my life. Your behavior and your attitude tells me that you believe that I should compete for you. I’ve got news for you. I don’t have to compete … Continue reading

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” Sometimes “….

Sometimes I wish I never met you, but then I think of the Love we share, a Love that’s stronger now than when it was brand new. Still sometimes I wonder if my Life would be a lot easier, without … Continue reading

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You compare Me to Her ?! ….

After everything we’ve been through, after all of the years that have passed since we first met, now you’re comparing my actions to hers ? How dare you ! I am NOT her, and I never will be. I would … Continue reading

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Missing You…. Right or Wrong ?…

Others may not understand, but I can’t help it. Every day I think of you, and miss you with every fiber of me. With every breath I take my thoughts fill of you, and I imagine you right here beside … Continue reading

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