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Trying to stay Hopeful… But… I can’t help wondering IF I should maybe RUN – NOT WALK – the Other Way…

I’ve only known him a very short time, but everything seemed to ” click ” so completely between us that my heart couldn’t help falling for him. Now after some things he said in several texts to me this morning … Continue reading

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Stepping onto the Merry Go Round of Love Again….

Recently I met a guy online that seems wonderful. By all indications he’s really kind, sweet, caring, very understanding, compassionate, and loving. How can one person be that Perfect ?… you may be asking… Well, yes he does have some … Continue reading

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Opening the Door once again….

Once again I’m opening the door to possible romance. Since I’m only in the very first steps of getting to know ” him “, I’m determined to keep myself in a state of hopefulness that’s tempered with reasonable caution, and … Continue reading

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” Two Hearts Reaching ” …

Two hearts reaching out for something; reaching out every moment they can for the happiness we all seek, and need so much. They both long to find that bliss; that part of their lives that they truly miss. Hoping they … Continue reading

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