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” A Part Of Me ” … A Love Note

Just as my feet are attached to my legs, and my toes to my feet; You are a part of Me of which I will never be free. I don’t want to be free of You though, My Love, for … Continue reading

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Had almost given up… Then I met Him… xoxoxo

¬†Just when I was on the literal edge of giving up on love forever, then I met him. At first I was skeptical, since we were meeting online, and for the last several months every man I talked to online … Continue reading

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Your Lips are made for Mine …. xoxoxoxo

From our very first kiss I knew that Your lips were made for Mine. A blazing fire was created from the very first moment, and I wished it would never end. I could easily kiss You for hours, my Sweetheart, … Continue reading

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New Romance …

As excited as a high school girl on her first date, I’m giggly and bubbling over floating on cloud nine while I count my blessing and thank fate. We’re only beginning this new adventure, but already I feel an obvious … Continue reading

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Ode to a Love that probably never was … A letter of resignation and acceptance …

Sitting here I’m wondering, ” Did you ever truly love me ? “ I can’t help but ask that question now.¬† After everything I’ve ever done for you, and all of the promises you made, suddenly it appears I mean … Continue reading

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