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” Reaching Out To You “…

Time after time I reach my hand out to you, and also my heart. Still every time you push me away, and rip my world apart. If you would simply give me five minutes of your time, I’m sure you … Continue reading

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Just some random thoughts… nothing more

Years have passed by in the blink of an eye, but somehow I’ve still loved you throughout everything. No matter what came, good or bad, I always stood by you. Now I think back on all of that, and wonder … Continue reading

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I need to make something crystal clear….

This blog is my outlet… for good, or bad, it doesn’t matter. I use this blog to release thoughts, and emotions that have been plaguing me. Plus many times I’m simply writing down my thoughts, experiences, and feelings about someone, … Continue reading

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” Silence Kills Quicker “…

It’s typically said that a gun, a knife, or even poison, will kill your target quickly. Yet I’m here to say that silence kills quicker than any of these methods. With silence your heart may still be beating, but you’ll … Continue reading

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