” Never Enough “….

I gave you everything.
My Heart, my Soul, my Life were yours and yours alone.
Still you turn on me like a snake in the grass,
and instead of a Love that lasts,
you show me betrayal that stabs through to my soul.
For your Love I would have done anything.
Yet for Me you give me nothing but pain,
and my tears fall like a heavy summer rain.
I did it all gladly for you,
for I was sure that our Love was true.
Nothing I ever did for you seemed to be enough.
I thought you would appreciate all that I freely gave,
but still you treat me like your slave.
You seem to expect me to be grateful,
even though the affection you show me
is very close to null.
Do you really think I’m your pet ?
I should be grateful for the morsels you give me ?
Instead every day I’m thinking more and more
that what I should do is break free.
Free of your constantly changing moods,
and then once again I’ll be able to see.
For too long thanks to you my vision has been shrouded.
Your scattered affections has left it definitely clouded.
Once I finally break free of your chains,
then my new found freedom should stop
these tears that flow like the rains.

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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