New Non New Year’s Resolutions …

Too many times we make a ton of promises to change various aspects of our lives in the new year. More often than not those resolutions go by the wayside within as little as the first month of the new year.
I’ve been thinking about this, and I’ve decided that instead of the traditional new year’s resolutions I would do my best each day to make positive changes in my life. After all, when it comes down to it all we can truly do is do our best with each day that comes to us. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. I’ve seen that the hard way in my own family. I always imagined that my Mom would live a very long, and very healthy life till her last day on earth. Now because of her Parkinson’s disease her quality of life is extremely diminished, and the so-called ” golden years ” she should have been enjoying with Dad are instead a daily living nightmare for them both.
What sort of ” changes ” am I going to do my best to make every day ? Well, I figured I would start with something basic; trying to be kinder, and more loving to all of my friends, and family. That’s not always that easy for me, especially when I’m having one of my many ” bad pain ” days that I have because of my bad knees. Chronic pain has a definite way of warping what could have otherwise been a very cheerful, and happy mood. It’s all too easy to sink into thinking only of the pain, and anyone’s attempts to cheer you up fall on deaf ears. Not only that, often even if it’s a person you truly care about, you can easily end up lashing out at them because of the pain that you’re experiencing at that time. I don’t want to do that as often this year. At least I should say, that I’m going to try my best every day to not do that this year.
As well as simply trying to be kinder to the ones I care about in my life, I also want to be more expressive about my feelings for them. Time is precious. Like I mentioned earlier, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Why waste even a single day holding back on expressing your true feelings for someone ? What can they do that’s so bad after all ? Sure they can tell you that they don’t feel the same, and that wouldn’t be terrific to hear. Yet, what if it turned out that they felt the exact same way about you ? It may be that they’ve been waiting for you to take the first step. You don’t know until you try, after all. Every journey starts with a single step. If you don’t take that first step, then you’re never going to get anywhere.
Sure I also want to do my best each day to get back on track as far as dieting, and exercise. I definitely want to start losing weight again, and stop gaining any of it back. I’m not going to let myself slip back to the weight I used to be. I can’t do that to myself. It wouldn’t be right, or fair to myself to let it happen. I want to have a better life than that ! Just like the other things I want to ” change ” this year, I’m not going to burden myself with a ton of New Year’s Resolutions as far as dieting and exercise are concerned. Instead I believe I’ll do much better if I take care of each day as it comes. If I do my best each day, then the future will take care of itself. I’ve made ” long range ” diet goals in my past, and that’s never worked for me. That’s why I feel I need to take a completely different approach. Even the smallest positive steps taken when dieting, can lead to big accomplishments in the long run. I want to make ” life changes ” as far as my ” dieting ” is concerned, and not have it be solely just changes I’m doing for the diet alone. Know what I mean ? After the diet is over, and you’ve lost the weight you wanted to lose you don’t want to go back to all of your old habits !
Just as importantly as daily making positive changes for my health, I’m going to continually do whatever I can go make positive changes for my emotional health. Your heart, and soul, are what truly make you who you are. The ” shell ” that your soul is using while on earth, is not you ! It’s only ” on loan ” for the span of your lifetime. It’s what’s inside that truly counts. Too many of us these days forget this, and concentrate so hard on our outsides forgetting to improve our hearts. The way we interact with others, and especially how we treat the ones we claim to truly care about, is what counts more than how many miles we did in ” spin class ” the other day !
Unfortunately we pay far too much attention to social media, and believe all of the hype that they feed us daily about how we ” should look ” ! We watch the tv and movie stars, and believe that we should strive to look like them. WHY ? They’re not gods ! Though, to hear some people talk about them you may wonder if they are. Don’t believe the hype ! Sure they have money, and fame, but do they have true happiness ? Do they have ” true love ” in their lives ? I seriously doubt it for many of them.
Granted, sure it’d be nice to have extra money to splurge once in awhile rather than only having barely enough to pay the bills each month. Still, I know that money is not the key to true happiness, even as much as some claim.
We should look ” inward ” into our own hearts and souls, rather than turning to actors, politicians, and various other famous people, for guidance. Remember that when it comes down to it, no matter how they appear to the world, they’re just as lost as you are.
With the New Year already here for nearly one week, I’m pledging to myself to be a better ” ME ” this year. I’m hopeful that with small steps each day that will equal a much ” fitter and healthier ” me, but also I want to make changes to my heart’s outlook as well.
Will YOU make any changes in your Life this year ? Or will it be a year of the same old habits you allowed yourself last year ?
Before I close this I need to add one more very important thing. Even MORE than the changes I want to make in my own life, I’m HOPING AND PRAYING that this year will be a much better year for my Mom ! She’s not in good shape currently because of her advanced Parkinson’s disease. Even if she doesn’t actually stop getting any worse, I’m hopeful that at the VERY LEAST that my Dad will be able to get the help he needs this year to take care of her ! He needs help. It may mean that he and Mom will move into an assisted living facility. If that’s what he needs to do, then I pray that he finds a nice one that will have all of the help he needs for Mom.

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