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A Twisted Road…. to say the least…

Loving you I knew from the start would never be a bed of roses. Yet somehow I still decided to love you no matter what fate threw in our path, regardless of what arose. Now I see how I was … Continue reading

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Swirling Thoughts…..

Maybe I should have figured this would happen, since it seems like every time things are going wonderfully that’s exactly when it all goes south. I was anticipating a phone call from my ex-boyfriend, but I had no clue it … Continue reading

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New Non New Year’s Resolutions …

Too many times we make a ton of promises to change various aspects of our lives in the new year. More often than not those resolutions go by the wayside within as little as the first month of the new … Continue reading

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Is it natural to often want what’s out of our reach ?

It’s been a very grey, and rainy day here today. Weather like that always puts me in a very deep-thinking mood. That’s saying a lot since I’m naturally an over-thinker already, most of the time. As I’m sitting here with … Continue reading

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