Time and Distance doesn’t matter…

No amount of Time or Distance apart will ever change
what you mean to me deep in my heart.
I loved you from the very beginning.
Our love story has no true ending.
It’s lasted throughout everything Fate has thrown in our way;
Even when once I told you I didn’t want you to stay.
At that moment I was speaking from pain,
and not from the Love I still felt for you.
Since then those clouds have disappeared,
and now I see clearly through that rain.
We have a ” Love ” that endures everything;
A ” Love ” that can face whatever obstacles
Life throws in our path.
Together We can face even the greatest storm’s wrath,
and come out on the Other Side even more in Love;
United by our Love that connects us in it’s own special way.
From here on out I know that from each Other’s sides we will never again stray.
I long to be once again by your side, My Love.
We will be together again of this I am sure,
for our Love was surely sent from heaven above.

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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