No Letter Yet… But that doesn’t mean that it’s not coming soon…

I was very hopeful that by Today I’d get a letter from my ex-bf, since I got a surprise phone call from Him recently, and He said He’d be writing to Me soon. I think I’m rushing things a bit though. After all, He only just moved last week, so He’s got a lot of settling in to do first I’m sure. I know all too well how that is when You’ve only recently moved into a new place. You can’t do much of anything until You’ve at least made a real effort to unpack most of Your boxes first. It’s only natural, and normal. I’m merely being ” Me “, impatient as usual. Patience has NEVER been one of my virtues. I think it’s in my genes, since my Dad has never been a patient man. I’m sure that I take after Him, since I also have His sense of humor.
I’ll simply have to make an earnest attempt to be patient. Whenever the letter gets here will have to be fine. I don’t feel I have any reason at all to doubt that He will write a letter to Me soon. We’ve been writing back and forth for the last two years now, after all.
In the meantime while I do my best to patiently wait for His letter to get here, I’ll have to try hard to stay occupied with other things. That’s one of the many reasons why I’m very glad I have my two blogs. They help Me in many ways, one of them being to help Me to quell my impatience over something.

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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