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” Loving Hurts “…

Whether it’s for a lover or a family member, it’s all the same. Soon enough there’s pain that tears your heart asunder. With so many highs and lows involved at times it seems very much like a game. You give … Continue reading

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Why do Good Women fall so hard for Bad Men ?…

It’s an unfair fact I feel, that you always hear about a ” good woman in love with a bad man “, but you never hear it the other way around. No one ever says.. ” Oh that wonderful man … Continue reading

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How do you ” switch off ” your heart ?

Even in the face of a decision that was made for me, still how do I ” switch off ” feelings that have been a part of me for years ? Of course I realize it’s pointless to hang onto … Continue reading

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” One Phone Call “….

One phone call out of the clear blue, can be the difference between drowning in despair and seeing the whole world anew. Earlier this evening I felt I was sinking in loneliness, then suddenly the phone rang and I was … Continue reading

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Stretching my Wings now…

Tonight I’ve decided that I’m going to reach out to my ex-bf instead of waiting for Him to call me. I made that mistake with my ” former ” Maine sweetheart. I always waited around for him to decide to … Continue reading

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Mistake ? … Maybe, maybe not… doesn’t really matter either way

I realize that I’ve said in other posts that I wouldn’t do this no matter how much I thought about it. That’s a mute point now. I decided that I would give in to the urge to email my ” … Continue reading

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” The Music of My Heart “

Every time I hear your voice you strum the strings of my heart, and make my spirit want to sing for joy. I want nothing more of this life than to share it with you, and to never ever part. … Continue reading

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