Online Dating… Part 2…

Earlier, last night technically since it’s 3:08 am Friday right now, I allowed a guy I had met on an online dating site a short time ago to come over so We could meet in person.
It was the first guy I’ve done that with since I joined that site, but I’ve only had a profile on it for about two weeks now.
While I won’t say it was a total disaster, it sure as heck wasn’t quite what I thought it’d be like. As anyone, including myself, is aware it is extremely easy to pretend to be one way online when in reality You’re very different. I already realized this going in, but still I thought I’d roll the dice. I’ll tell You right now, it definitely came up ” snake eyes ” !
Sure He was nice enough, but there were several ” red flags ” we’ll say that came up very quickly as soon as He got here.
Surprisingly enough, He was very honest right away that He had been drinking that night and was ” slightly drunk “, as He put it ! UGH ! Strike number one ! I wish I had known that before I had allowed Him to come over, because His state made it extremely exasperating trying to give Him directions to my place !
Finally He got here, and I thought that things would improve from there on out. I was grossly incorrect. After giving Me a big hug at the door, He seated Himself in my big recliner chair, while I stayed seated in my wheelchair. It was easier to do it that way, so I wouldn’t have to struggle getting up and down out of the recliner chair while He was here, and so I wouldn’t have to be concerned about where to put my wheelchair. Once He sat down, that’s when the ” staring ” begun ! UGH ! Strike number two !
He would not look Me in my eyes ! No matter how much I told Him He was making me feel uncomfortable, He still kept grinning at Me while staring at my breasts ! I swear if His eyes had lasers in them He could have burned right through my t-shirt with His stare ! To a small degree His attention was flattering, but not for a FIRST meeting. I would have thought that He was old enough to know better than to behave like that during a first time meeting with someone. I suppose that age isn’t always a factor with some men. No matter how old they are too many of them act like juveniles.
I tried to change the subject several times in an attempt to get his attention off of my breasts, but nothing I said worked. In fact as a little bit of time wore on, He fairly quickly decided to tell Me that He wanted to ” get nude and seduce Me in my bedroom ” was how He put it !
UGH ! A HUGE Strike Three !
I had to explain to Him about three times that I just DON’T do that with a guy I’ve only JUST MET in person ! Finally He accepted that, and claimed that He respected my view on the issue.
At this point, of course, suddenly He explained that He had to be up EARLY for work in the morning so He needed to go. LOL ! Yeah Right ! I saw right through that. Obviously He tired of being here with Me when I wouldn’t give in to His unreasonable request. WHAT A PIG !
What was so ironic, and twisted, I thought was that when He was sitting in my recliner chair He had the nerve to say that He was ” looking for a long term relationship “. SURE ! I’m positive now that He only said that so I’d agree to ” play around ” with Him in the bedroom. He even had the nerve to try to guilt Me into it, by saying that We’re both adults… blah.. blah.. blah.. a bunch of B.S. about since We’re attracted to each other We should act on it ! HAHAHA!
All of this was more than enough for Me to decide that I never want anything more to do with Him, but then there was one more thing that happened.
After He had walked out of my apartment door, I quickly glanced around to make sure He hadn’t left anything and I found His plastic soda cup with a straw in it, that He had left next to my recliner chair. I almost went to the door quickly to call Him back so I could give it to Him.
Now I’m glad that I hadn’t done that. The reason I say that was because when I took the cup to my kitchen sink to empty it, expecting it to be some sort of soda I found out quickly that it was liquor ! Not only was it liquor, it smelled like He had poured at least 3 or 4 shots of whiskey in that cup ! That PIG had that with Him in His car when He was driving over here ! UGH ! Strike number FOUR !
The smell of the whiskey in that cup nearly knocked Me out it was so strong ! I suspect that it was straight whiskey, with not a drop of soda mixed with it !
After FOUR STRIKES against Him, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I ever want anything to do with again !
I hope that He doesn’t even call Me again, since I turned Him down as far as ” playing around ” in my bedroom went.
God.. I sure HOPE that NOT ALL guys online are like HIM !
If they are I think I’m going to have to look into becoming a NUN ! LOL !
One last added Note…
I don’t feel I have ” unreasonable ” expectations as far as finding a guy that I’d want to have a relationship with. I simply want an honest guy, that doesn’t show up drunk, is respectful, courteous, caring, and intelligent enough so I can have a real conversation with Him. Are those things really too much to ask for ? I don’t think that they are.

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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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