” You Threw Me Away “….

I gave You a Love unlike any other,
and wanted nothing in return except Your Heart.
Apparently it was too much to ask of You
since You decided to tear Me apart.
I thought that our Love would never end,
and We would always be much more than Friends.
More than once You had told Me that You thought We were meant to be,
and my Heart smiled when I heard You say that
because I thought You could truly see.
Now I can see how completely wrong I was.
You played with my Heart and Soul like it was a Game,
and instead of being the ” One ” I thought You were
You proved that You were exactly like all of the Others…
You and They are one in the same.
As if ripping my Heart from my chest wasn’t enough,
then before Our Love was even cold in the ground
You now have a ” New Love ” You’ve already found.
How could You throw Me away so completely,
and then replace Me so quickly and so neatly ?
Was I truly Nothing at all to You.
I must have been completely wrong to ever think that We
were two of the very few.
It’s clear to Me now that You never truly meant a single word
that You had said,
especially since now as far as You’re concerned
it seems I might as well be dead.
You threw Me away like I was ” Yesterday’s News “.
Now I must somehow dry my eyes and learn how to see clearly once again.
As much as it may seem like it now to Me
I can’t let this be my end.
You may not have wanted the ” True Love ” that I wanted so much
to share with You,
but that doesn’t mean that One Day I won’t find someone New.
I wonder… ” Will You be truly happy for Me when that day comes, or will You finally realize and regret
how much You lost ? ”
I’m here to tell You that it won’t matter what You think,
because one day I’m sure You’ll realize what Your stupidity cost.
That day will be one day too late,
for You made Your decision and sealed Your fate.

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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3 Responses to ” You Threw Me Away “….

  1. cckim2001 says:

    This post really stated everything that’s happened to me over the past couple of days. My ex broke up with me saying that she was having a hard time with us not being able to see each other as often and how our 5 year age difference was too much for her. Yet before we got together its what she prided us in. I gave up everything for her, stupid of me yes but when you really love someone to where nothing else matters, I would gladly give it all up again. I found out after we broke up 2 days later she was seeing someone else and found out they have been talking before we were through. I have learned that people will toss the words I love you as easily as they hello. They don’t understand the true meaning behind it and so I know now to not give out my kindness and my love that easily to the next. I know I must move on because frankly she is clearly already happy and is probably enjoying herself with her new guy. I know, what I have given to her, she will never receive from anyone else. But I truly devoted myself to her. Thank you for writing this, I really do hope I can move on from this and take what Ive learned and be a better person instead of become spiteful.

    • Thank You very much for Your very open and honest comment. I wish You all the best on moving on. It’s not easy, but it’s something that We have to do sometimes. I know I don’t know You from ” Adam “, but solely based on what You’ve said in Your comment I have to say that She made a HUGE mistake ! She may, or may not realize that one day, but even if She does I don’t think it’d be wise to let Her back into Your life. She knows as deceitful as my ex-sweetheart was. While We were probably quite a bit different than You and Her, because I had never met Him in person. Still We had an ongoing long distance ” relationship ” for 7 years. There were many times We had come close to arranging a meeting, but many different things kept getting in the way. Maybe I should have seen that as a clue to the dark end that Him and I would come to, but it was already too late since I had fallen deeply in love with Him a long time ago. We talked on the phone constantly, and He had never given Me a clear impression that He didn’t see a Future for Us. It was always quite the opposite, since His sweetness, and passion, on the phone was always so clear and intense He never made it seem like He wanted anyone except Me. I guess I was blind for a long time. I don’t know. All I know for certain is that I won’t be so eager to say ” I Love You ” the next time. Yes, it is true that many people say ” I Love You ” as commonly as most say ” Hello “, but that has never been Me. When I said it to Him, I meant it. Whether He ever truly meant it, now I just don’t know. If He had ever truly Loved Me, then I don’t believe that only ONE WEEK after He told Me that He wanted to only ” JUST FRIENDS ” from now, would He have changed His Facebook profile status to ” In A Relationship With **** ” ! That was like He took the Knife He had initially used to tear out my Heart, and He stabbed Me again pushing it even deeper into my chest ! He knew for a FACT that I would see that too, since He already knew that I spend a lot of time on Facebook. So it’s not like He was unaware that I would see it. Anyway… none of that truly matters now. I must move on. Thank You again for Your comment. If You ever want to talk, I’m here. And don’t worry.. I am not looking into rushing into anything again right now.

    • simplylive91 says:

      It’s so true that love in a sense has lost its meaning. It’s over used and abused I couldn’t agree more.

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