” Online Dating ” !…OMG ! It’s a Damn Circus out There !

I’ve only been looking into online dating for a little over One Week, and so far that’s been more than enough to see how crazy it is ! OMG ! It is a complete psychotic Circus out there ! I expected to find some nut jobs, but damn ! I didn’t think that every other guy I just barely start to talk to would turn out to be a complete whack job ! Yes, I realize that I’m using some corny, slightly lame terms for these guys, but trust Me it’s the ” polite ” version of what I’d love to call them.
I realize that to many – ( or maybe most of them ) – it’s all just a ” game ” to them. Still, why is it so hard for them to show others simple basic respect ? I don’t expect them to be completely romantic or loving to Me right away, in fact I prefer that they don’t since acting that way right away would be completely insincere. I don’t feel however that they have the right to be completely rude to Me solely because they’re not romantically interested in Me. Whatever happened to common politeness ? Has politeness truly gone the way of the ” Dodo bird ” ? It surely seems that way.
Here’s one example of how rude, cold, and callous the guys on an online dating site behave. All I had done was sent a simple message to one guy asking if He’d like to chat, and I said something like ” You have a nice smile “. That was all I had said ! He returns with a firm, ” I don’t accept Friend Requests on here ! ” Then a moment later I get a second message from Him saying, ” Are You transgender ? ” What the Hell kind of thing was that to ask of a stranger ?! I’m not by the way.. lol.. But that’s not the point. There was no reason at all for Him to say that, unless He had a problem with the fact that I have thin hair. Still, so what ?! It’s not the hair on a person’s head that defines who they are. He obviously couldn’t see that fact, and definitely didn’t have the type of heart and soul to look past the outside of a person. Yet, so many times guys that are completely bald, or very close to going bald, expect women to still drool all over them ! If a woman dared to judge a guy for that, then I’d bet a million dollars that He’d be very quick to call Her an extremely rude name !
As if that creep wasn’t more than enough to run into online, then there were a couple more that had ” issues ” that would make a psychiatrist happy. Those other guys were very quick to profess their undying love and affection towards Me at first, and then after about three messages and/or emails as well, they disappeared off the face of the earth. One of them sent Me many emails for awhile, then suddenly nothing for about a week. The next email I received from Him had this supposedly ” wonderful ” idea that We could talk to each other on the phone, but the catch was that there would be ” administration fees ” that would have to be paid. He had the nerve to ask ME if I could take care of those ” fees ” ! I emailed him back right away, and told Him that there was no way I could afford anything other than paying for my basic monthly living expenses. He was quick on replying to that by asking Me if I have a BANK ACCOUNT ! That was the END of that ! I told Him off in great detail in my reply that there was NO WAY that I was going to give a stranger online ANY bank account information. Plus I added that I was very disappointed in Him for asking Me about that ! I don’t expect to ever hear from Him again, but I don’t want to hear from again since He’s obviously a ” scam artist ” ! I felt something was wrong about Him ever since one of the very first emails from Him went into detail saying that He felt I was the ” woman He had been looking for all of his Life ” ! In the real world that could not have been true, since He barely knew Me at all. So I realized He was definitely ” off ” from the beginning, but still I played along for awhile. He must have been assuming I’d be stupid, and do anything that He told Me that would possibly help Him and I communicate.
After that last guy that asked Me if I had a bank account, I can’t help wondering if there are ANY REAL GUYS online ?! Do Normal Guys even go online, I wonder ?! Or maybe it’s ONLY the psychotic complete whack jobs that go online ?!
Online dating is like a roller coaster that You don’t realize You’re on until You start speeding down on it’s slopes ! By that point it’s too late to get off, because the ride’s only halfway over !
I don’t know if I want to stay on this ” roller coaster “, or not. I’m debating if there’s any point to it. The problem I have is that since I don’t own a car, ” How else can I ever meet someone ? ” I live alone, so it’s not like I have a roommate to take Me out anywhere to meet new people, so that’s not an option.
What’s left ? Becoming a Nun ?!

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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1 Response to ” Online Dating ” !…OMG ! It’s a Damn Circus out There !

  1. simplylive91 says:

    I sat back and just laughed reading this post. All that you described about the rude inconsiderate pervs online is very true but I would like to give you a ray of hope. I’m a young busy college student going to school full time as well as working a part time job and free time is rare in my schedule. This is what lead me to try online dating. And about after a month of guy after guy turning out to be a jerk I finally just took a break from it for a while. When I tried again I met this amazing young man that has stolen my heart. It will be seven months this week. So my advice to you; keep your head up, be patient, have a zero tolerance for rude disrespectful guys. And lastly come up with a realistic idea in your head of what sorta guy your looking for and don’t settle because your worth it. Thanks for the good laugh.

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