I Will Not Let You….

You betrayed my Heart, and my Soul, but I will not let this devastation keep Me down. Even though You reached into my chest ripping out my Heart, and stomping on all of my dreams, I will somehow move on. You had no right to string Me along the way You had for so long. As if Your sudden declaration wasn’t difficult enough for Me to accept, then You had to add to that in a very cold and unexpected way. Your entire tone of voice on the phone as You stated that You came to the conclusion that We can never have a Future Together was completely condescending, degrading, and thoroughly insulting. I gathered this sense from the sound of Your voice because Your words made it clear that You viewed Me as a Fool, and an Idiot ” for not seeing a long time ago that We have no Future Together. You put Me down for having Hope, and for Loving You unconditionally for Years ! You made it sound like it was a disease that I was plagued with for believing in Our Love – or at least the ” Love ” that I believed We had for so very long.
How could You insult Me so cruelly for the very ” LOVE ” that You always acted as if You wanted ! Yes, You did ALWAYS behave as if ” Our Love ” was Your greatest Dream come true. You never gave Me any other feeling than this. Instead You continually played with my Heart as a Cat would play with a Mouse ! You toyed with my Heart, and my Dreams, but did it with such subtlety that I never saw that it was just a game to You !
Now We’ve come full circle to this point where the REAL TRUTH if finally out in the open. Despite the heart break You caused Me, I will not let You destroy my Hope for One Day having the REAL LOVE that I deserve in my Life ! I will not let Your brutal coldness, callousness, heartlessness, and ignorance destroy my Hope ! Yes, I had Hope for many Years with You, and it proved to be a HUGE MISTAKE. Still, that doesn’t mean that having HOPE again could potentially be the ” right thing ” to do with Someone Else !
You threw away a Heart and Soul that would have been Yours and Yours Alone for the rest of Your Life ! You threw away a LOVE that would have done EVERYTHING possible to show You Happiness and Joy unlike any You’ve ever experienced before ! You threw ALL of this away, and did Your Very Best to try to destroy Me completely solely because I had believed in You ! MY HOPE WASN’T THE MISTAKE….. YOU WERE THE MISTAKE !
You’re NOT WORTH Me throwing away any chance I may have to have Future Happiness in my Life !
I will NOT let the cruelty and coldness of Your sudden act of heartlessness continue to keep Me down !
I will NOT let You ! My eyes were blinded a very long time by a ” LOVE ” that I thought was True, but I will NOT let this mistake keep Me from ” Real Love ” !

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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  1. tlohuis says:

    Ive nominated you for this prestigious award. To accept this award view the link above.

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