Frustration Thy Name is ” Maine ” Sweetheart…..

I feel that I’ve been very understanding, but I’m quickly beginning to reach the end of my rope. I realized that His Weekend trip with His Mom was unavoidable, since it was because of a family medical emergency with His Aunt. Patiently I waited for Him to ” keep Me in Touch ” as He had promised to in an email. His first claim was that He would let Me know if He would be getting back by Sunday. That email He sent to Me on October 4th. He didn’t get back Sunday, and He didn’t bother to email to let Me know about it until October 7th in an email where NOW He claimed that He would be back on Tuesday, and He would call Me then ! Well, as You probably guessed that didn’t happen either ! Then I get one more email Yesterday October 9th at about 6:35pm. He said that He and His Mom just got back from the trip, and that He’s exhausted so He’ll call Me ” Tomorrow “, and tell Me more about things then. FINALLY Today comes, and He calls Me at 6:37 pm, when I know He gets home from work around 3:30 pm, or 4:00 pm. Wouldn’t that tell You that He didn’t seem very anxious to Call ? At least that’s definitely how it seemed to Me !
So anyways… He finally calls Me after I hadn’t talked to Him on the phone for 6 Days in a row, and What happens ? We chat for maybe about 10 minutes ! Ten ” freakin’ ” minutes ! Is that ALL I deserve after 6 Days ?! After 10 minutes He tells Me that He has to go because His dinner’s ready, and He’s starving. I suggested that maybe He could call Me later on after He’s eaten, and He shrugged it off as if I was joking. He said that He would ” try ” ! TRY ?! I know what that means. It means ” NO ” ! It’s just His nice way of saying ” NO ” ! He explains that He’s working this coming Weekend, so that He’ll be ” around “. I guess that was supposed to appease Me to some extent. Why would that matter to Me Tonight, when it’s Tonight that I wanted to talk to Him ?!
The way He mentioned about working this Weekend to Me made it seem too much like He expects Me to be ” waiting around constantly ” for His phone calls ! That’s such Bull ! He knows of course that I don’t work, but that shouldn’t make a difference as far as Him showing Me some basic respect ! Plus, He’s missing the point entirely that the fact that I have a lot of free time on my hands does NOT mean that I want to spend ANY of that time waiting by the phone for His calls ! Why He doesn’t seem to understand that, I don’t know. I wish to God that I did.
I Love Him very much, but this BULL has got to STOP ! One person that had read one of my other posts about my ” Maine ” Sweetheart mentioned once that it sounds like I need to decide if His behavior is something that I can tolerate, and not let it bother Me… OR if His behavior is something that I’m NOT going to tolerate any more, and I end things now before they progress any further. I can see even more now how True that was. I have a decision to make. Not an easy decision, but definitely a decision I need to make.
I’m sick and tired of feeling this frustrated. LOVE isn’t supposed to be like this, IS IT ?! I don’t think it is.

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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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3 Responses to Frustration Thy Name is ” Maine ” Sweetheart…..

  1. I think having a lot of time on your hands makes it difficult to understand when someone else it flat-out with work and family stuff especially. Yes, he could no doubt step up with the communications but he may just need some down time – it sounds like he has a lot going on.

    Why don’t you give him a week – don’t contact him, let him contact you and when he does, be happy to hear from him, don’t mention the lack of contact, just let him relax and make the call/s fun. If you are stressed when he calls that is going to make him even less likely to call as he is already under pressure and probably doesn’t need it from you as well (I don’t mean that harshly).

    The other alternative is to give him a few days silence and let him wonder what you are doing and why you aren’t picking up/returning his calls. If you don’t hear from him for three days then don’t answer or pick up for three days – mirror the attention he is giving you.

    After a week .. think long and hard about where things stand because unless you can be together soon after your meet, things will be so much worse when you return because you will attach even further when you spend physical time with him …

    • While the fact that He has a lot going on right now might be true. I recently found out that He has a Facebook page that He made a point of insisting in the past that He doesn’t have. It turns out that He’s had it all along. He knows that I have a Facebook page, and go on it quite often. That He would choose to keep His Facebook page a secret from Me makes Me wonder what else He’s not telling Me. I know Facebook is not such a ” big thing “, but if He would lie about this what else could He be lying about ?! Your suggestions were very valid, and I was seriously considering trying them until I received an email from Him this afternoon. The very last sentence of the email was this, I have a couple things to talk about, that maybe tomorrow I can shed some light on…. To Me that does NOT bode well. So it may turn out that He’s decided for Me already to end everything between Him and I. If it was ” Good News “, then I would assume that He would have said something about it in the email, so I’m assuming the news can’t be good. Tomorrow hopefully I’ll find out, good or bad. Whatever happens, maybe it’ll be for the best because I’m beginning to wonder if I can truly Trust Him.

  2. The FB thing is indeed very weird. LDR are hard enough without trust issues coming into play. I hope the news isn’t as bad as you are dreading it to be 🙂

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