Why is Love so Complicated ?…

Life is hard enough, but then We’ve got to add the complications of Love. Why ? Shouldn’t We be much more understanding, and kinder with each other since We’re all in the same ” boat “, since We’re all Human. This should be the consideration for any type of relationship in our lives. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s Family relationships, or Romantic relationships.
I suppose it comes down to the fact that We were made with the ” potential ” to have perfect loving relationships, but We were made fundamentally flawed. Of course all of this is merely my opinions, so of course anyone that might read this is free to disagree with Me.
What I mean by ” flawed ” is that We were set up with the high potential to fail. Why ?.. because We were given the gift of ” Free Will “. Since We always have the choice of which path We choose for our Life and Relationships, We are constantly open to all of the influences around us. The difficulty is that those influences are not always good in nature. Of course We also have the time during our childhoods when hopefully We had parents teaching us positive paths that We should choose for our lives. Yet even if You had the very best of parents raising You, still their influences will only go so far. Once You’ve reach adulthood then You’re basically ” thrown into the water, and told to swim “. Is it any wonder so many of us end up traveling down such dark paths ?
What’s the answer ? If I knew I’d be a billionaire at least ! I’m definitely not though. All I can do is consider the multitude of factors that help to shape the decisions in our lives, and do my very best to choose the right directions. Plus, for many of us We factor in our belief systems whatever they may be. I have my own beliefs, but I’ve never been one to try to tell someone else what they should believe. I feel that’s a completely personal choice that should come from the depths of Your own soul, and not from anyone’s pressure.
I’m veering off topic somewhat, and I’m sorry for that.
What I wanted to focus this post on is ” Love, and Loving Each Other “. I wish that relationships weren’t so complicated. In my experiences even if it starts simply enough, there’s always something that begins to stir up the situation. If only it could be more like the stories We were told when We were little; i.e., the fairy tales. The tales where the ” Prince would always come just in time to save the Damsel in distress, and they would live Happily Ever After, ” that is how I WISH life was like ! That’s not reality though, of course. If only reality was at least something ” close ” to that. For the most part it seems to Me as if We’re meant to always struggle for the sake of Love. It’s as if that’s simply our fate as humans. In the animal world it seems a lot simpler, but then I wouldn’t want to deal with their constant hardships either.
As far as Love goes I’ve heard many people say something to the affect that You have to be ” Happy with Yourself ” before You can truly love someone else. That’s all fine and good but what if You’re sick and tired of being alone ? Then what ? I don’t see how You can help yearning for companionship in Your life. There’s nothing wrong with that desire that I can see, even though some radicals try to say that it is wrong to feel that way. As far as I see it’s simply that You’re looking for the ” Other Half ” of Your soul. You’re looking for Your ” Soul Mate “. I firmly believe in that concept. I think it is a very real and very strong desire that’s a part of our makeup. Many of us try to deny it, but it’s still there regardless. With that in mind, is it any wonder that being alone gets tiring after awhile ?
Staying busy helps to distract the mind and heart from any feelings of loneliness, but it only helps to a certain extent. It’s not an easy task to try to stay constantly busy. There’s no avoiding some moments between activities when Your thoughts start to wander. It’s those times that I try to avoid as much as I possibly can. This is where my Writing comes into the picture.
I love to lose myself in the words flowing from my fingers. Sometimes it might be bordering on mindless rambling, but so what ?! It’s my Writing, and my Right to express myself how I deem fit. Besides, when You live alone sometimes ” Writing ” is Your Only Companion.
Well, this is enough rambling for one post. LOL !
Till next time… Take Care, and I hope You find Your Happiness.

About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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