Frustrated with Men….

I think it’s hilarious the way many men say that it’s ” Women ” that are the difficult ones that are very hard to understand ! HAH ! That’s just NOT true ! At least in my experiences it’s not true most of the time.
Men are the enigma. They are the mysterious, and frustrating ones that seem to live to create problems for Women.
Why am I saying this ? My reason is simple. What I’ve come to realize is that for the most part Men want attention whenever they want it, but then when a Woman wants attention it’s never the ” right time ” for it ! What’s up with that ?!
Maybe it springs from a Man’s upbringing ? Possibly it’s from the way the majority of society teaches Men that They are the dominant ones, and that their needs and desires must always come first. I realize that many others may not agree with this, and that’s their right. Yet, if they truly stop and think about it for a moment I believe that they would see the real truth.
With the changes in modern society You would believe that most Men would update their views concerning Men & Women relationships, but apparently that’s not true for many Men. They seem to be literally ” stuck ” in the old ways – the old beliefs. Even when faced with arguments, and breakups, they still stick with their outdated views.
What’s a ” straight ” woman to do ? When We’re taught from a very early age to seek out a ” good man “, it’s hard to shake that mission even at a much later age. We’re sent out into a world filled with too many self-centered men that are only out for ” One Thing “, to fulfill their own dreams. For anything beyond that most of them have very bad tunnel vision that no eyeglasses could ever fix.
As if We needed more roadblocks thrown in our ways, We’re also read far too many tales of so-called ” Princes ” that always come to the rescue of the ” Fair Maidens “, and save the day every time. Is it any wonder that when We’re adults We have unrealistic expectations where Men are concerned ? We were lied to from the very beginning. The lie was so ingrained in our minds that no matter what reality throws at us later in life, We still find it very difficult to shake this false belief.
Is it any wonder that the divorce rate is so high ?!
We can’t help it. Until parents start telling the ” real truth ” to their children, We will always go through our lives with the ” fairy-tale views ” of relationships. The problem is that it’s human nature to want to tell Your children things that will make them happy. That makes the chances of parents telling the ” real truth ” to their children slim to none.
What’s a person to do about this then ?!
All I can see is that We have to do our very best to pull ourselves up, and out of the outdated ” fairy-tale views ” of relationships as much as We possibly can. It’s not an easy task to be sure. The much easier and more comfortable path would be to always stay stuck in the old false beliefs, but We have to remember that easier is not always better.
Now if You’ll be patient and understanding with Me for a moment I’ll take a 360 degree turn in this, and get to the personal reason I decided to write this post.
I’ve been in contact with my Ex-boyfriend by regular mail, and even though I’m definitely not sure what – if anything – the future holds for Him and I, I have gotten ” used to ” getting letters from Him. The last letter I received from Him was about two weeks ago, and that’s got Me wondering what’s going on with Him. It’s out of character for Him to not write to me about once a week. This has left Me feeling frustrated, and very mixed up. On the other hand there’s my ” Maine ” Sweetheart that’s a completely different type of man, and has a lot more potential for future romantic relations. Yet even with my ” Maine ” Sweetheart there are definite complications. My reason for saying that is because He’s gotten into a very frustrating pattern of sometimes going for about three days in a row without calling me, or even so much as emailing me ! Even though I’ve explained to Him many times how much this bothers and frustrates Me to a great degree, He has still continued to do it ! Just recently I hadn’t heard from Him since this last Tuesday. I have to add that I did get TWO emails from Him during that time, but they weren’t very long, and definitely not sweet or romantic in the least. Finally Today – Saturday Sept. 21st – I got a phone call from Him. It was nothing like I had imagined it would be after not speaking to Him for three days. He was very brief, very quiet and non-responsive, and We ended up ending the conversation entirely after only about TEN MINUTES ! He said that He’ll call Me back later on Today, but I’ll tell You right now that I’m definitely NOT going to hold my breath waiting for His call ! NOT AT ALL ! I know all too well now that even when He’s ” promised ” to call Me, that doesn’t always mean that He’ll stick to His ” promise “!
See WHY I felt compelled to write a post about being frustrated with MEN ?! It’s a wonder I haven’t changed ” teams ” by now, and started dating Women ! LOL ! JUST JOKING ! I don’t see that EVER happening no matter how frustrated I get with Men. I’d probably end up committing to a life of celibacy before I did that.


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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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