Day 3…. Still haven’t heard from Him…

Not ONE SINGLE DAMN WORD ! Is it truly that difficult for him to type out a brief e-mail to Me, at least ?! I don’t see why it should be so hard for Him. There’s no rhyme, or reason for it. Many many times He’s said that He truly Loves Me. He always sounds sincere. But can sounds be deceiving ? I wonder. After all, what about the multitude of wonderful actors out there that can portray an incredible range of emotions that they’re not truly feeling deep in their souls. They succeed at their craft well enough to win awards, and make audiences cry, or cringe in terror, when witnessing it on the silver screen. So Why couldn’t one lone man on the telephone be able to make it seem like his words were truly sincere ? All of that seems reasonable and logical while I sit here typing it out. Still I can’t help but want with all of my Heart, and my Soul, to be wrong ! I’m hoping and praying for a logical, and reasonable… and most importantly, TRUE, explanation. I hope that I hear from Him sometime today. It’s still fairly early yet, since it’s only 4:48 pm EST at the moment. He still has about 4 – 5 hours till He would have to go to sleep for Work tomorrow morning. I guess time will tell today, though I can’t stand this waiting, and not knowing. He knows I can’t stand this, and yet He’s done this not once before, but at least a few times before ! How many more times is He going to do this ? I wish that I knew.

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4 Responses to Day 3…. Still haven’t heard from Him…

  1. julie says:

    I stumbled across your post and it just touched my heart. I have been in your shoes and what I can tell you is that he is not the one for you. The right guy will NOT leave you feeling ignored and then come back and say the “right things” that make you question why you felt ignored. I’ve been in those kinds of abusive (emotionally) relationships and your post just brings that all back. Stay strong; you deserve to be fully and completely loved by someone who deserves and respects YOU!

    • Thank You very much Julie for Your advice, and kind words. I will definitely think hard about all of this. I’ve been in bad relationships in my past, and I definitely don’t need any more of that. He did FINALLY deem to write an e-mail to me earlier this evening. It was not anything like I would have liked, or expected from Him, after not hearing from Him for 3 days. He said that He had gone ” Camping ” by Himself for a couple of days. He also added that IF I didn’t hear from Him Tonight that He would call Me after Work Tomorrow, for sure. Am I supposed to feel ” Happy ” about that ? I would have asked Him that IF I thought that He would have actually checked His inbox right away, but that’s something else that he’s bad about – keeping up with e-mails in his inbox. Since it’s already 8:51 pm EST I know He’s not going to call Me tonight, because He gets up at 4:30 am for work. Might as well say that now it’ll be 4 Days since I’ve talked to Him, and apparently since He couldn’t be bothered to call Me Tonight this fact must not bother Him as much as it does Me.

  2. As I said in my other comment, my guy does this as well. It won’t get better, you only need to re-read your own blog to know this. I guess you (and me) have to either come to terms with this ‘quirk’ (read: insensitivity/shitty behavioural trait) or .. decide that it’s not good enough and move on to someone who understands that not contacting for days is cruel and unusual punishment for women like us.

    BTW – my guy also gets up at 4:30am for work – seems we are sisters in this (and not in a good way:(( )

  3. Thanks for Your comment. I appreciate You taking the time to share Your thoughts about this. This post I wrote back on August 25th, and today of course was September 20th, but unfortunately He still every once in awhile will go 2 or 3 days without even sending me an email. While I do see Your point in what You said about this, I’m still ” on the fence ” about what to really do about it. The catch is – ( or at least what keeps me hanging on ) – is that every time this happens He always ends up having a fairly reasonable explanation afterwards, and says He is sorry. Is that an excuse ? Well, no not really, and I do realize this. So I know I need to make a decision at some point as to what action to take about this.

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