Can I Take Much More of This ?…

I realize that when You truly love someone You take the Good and the Bad – ALL of Them. But what IF a ” Bad ” part of Them is something You can’t take any more ? What Then ? Do You just say ” Enough “, and give up all hope of having a ” Happily Ever After ” with the One You Love ? I have so many questions right now, but not enough answers. I hate feeling like this. I feel left in the dark yet again, by my ” Maine ” Sweetheart. I spoke to Him this past Thursday afternoon, and He had PROMISED to Call Me back later on that same day. But, He never called back, and I haven’t heard a word from Him since then ! I know that He likes to do ” spontaneous ” things with His Buddies if He has a Weekend OFF from work, but how hard is it really to at least send Me a brief e-mail to let Me know what’s going on ?! Does He really think that I enjoy waiting by the phone HOPING that He’ll call ?! He should think a LOT better of Me than that ! At least I hope that He does ! I thought that He already knew that I hate being ” left in the dark ” like this – wondering IF he’s going to Call Me, and WHEN He’s going to Call ?! Granted, I know that He definitely has a complete Introvert personality. But WHY should that be an Excuse ? He doesn’t have to talk to Me on the phone for hours. I have never demanded anything like that from Him. All I’m asking for is simple courtesy, respect, and consideration. He’s said many times that He truly Loves Me, after all. If He really Loves Me as He says He does, then showing Me these things should not be a problem. I don’t feel that I’m asking for too much. It’s not like I EVER ask Him to buy Me anything, or something to that affect. All I ask is to be able to Hear His Voice on the phone. If He actually hates talking to Me on the phone, then He should tell Me. He’s never hinted at that at all, though. In fact whenever I’ve asked if I was ” Talking His Ear Off “, or not, He’s said ” No. ” Plus a few times when I’ve actually come out and said, ” I’m Sorry for Talking so much, ” He’s said that there’s no need for Me to apologize. When He said that He sounded sincere, and even sounded like He was smiling. If I had truly annoyed, or aggravated Him, I would think that He wouldn’t have sounded so friendly when He said that to Me.
Besides all of this, He realizes that I have a LOT of Free Time on my hands since I don’t work. So He should understand that the free time leaves Me a lot of time to think about Him, and wish I could hear His voice. I’ve explained this a couple of times, and He said He understood. Apparently there’s a big difference between understanding something, and putting it into action as far as showing someone some basic consideration, and courtesy. Why is this so ? I wish to God that I knew.
What to do at this point ? I just don’t know. It’s difficult to say in the least, since I Love Him dearly. Yet how much more of this can I take ? I hate wondering if He’s trying to push Me aside. I hate feeling this way. He’s told Me before that if I don’t hear from Him for a few days, it’s NOT that He’s pushing Me aside. But how can I help feeling this Way when I don’t hear ONE WORD from Him for Days ?! Am I looking at this the Wrong Way ? How else can I look at it ? Like I said before… I wish to God that I knew.

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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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