I Call This Story of My Recent Dream, ” A Love Resolved “…

This Post is of a Recent Dream I had. As far as I can remember I think it was set around the Time of World War 2, possibly. Don’t ask Me Why I was dreaming about this, I truly don’t know. What was strange was that it seemed so Real. The Details of the Dream were Very Vivid, and I remembered basically ALL of the Dream long after I woke up. Granted this Story isn’t ” Word for Word ” how my Dream played out, but it’s as close as I can remember it.
I Call this Story of My Recent Dream, ” A Love Resolved “. I’m sure that it will be clear as to why I titled it that once You read it.


She wanted more than Anything in this World to simply have a chance to explain to Him what had truly happened, but since He had passed away several years ago She didn’t think that chance would ever come. She had to try even though She knew that the chances of contacting Him were slim to none. So She returned to the last place He was just before He died; the military hospital. The official records showed that He died in action, but She knew better. Deep in Her Soul she sensed that He actually died from a broken heart, believing that She had betrayed Him.
When She arrived at the hospital She gave the attending nurse a name of another soldier She knew of from the many letters He had written to Her. Allowed into one of the large rooms used for soldiers that didn’t have expensive private insurance, She went straight to the bed that She remembered He had laid in while still alive. Luckily it was empty, but She knew She had to try her best to be discreet so none of the nurses would throw Her out. They would surely think She was insane if They noticed Her talking to an empty bed.
Slowly, and as quietly as possible, She approached the empty hospital bed and pulled up a nearby chair that was pushed against the wall at the head of the bed. Sitting there at first She wondered if maybe She had lost her mind. But after a brief moment of fervant praying for Her Love’s spirit to come to Her, She saw Him laying in the bed as if He had never passed away. He smiled at Her, yet behind that smile She could see a definite sense of torment.
” My Love it’s so Wonderful to See You again. I thought I had forever lost You, ” She explained.
” Why have You called Me Here ? I have Nothing to say to You. ” His words were colder than ice; filled with hate, and pain.
” Sweetheart, I had to try to contact You to explain the complete Truth of what really happened. I didn’t betray You the way You believed. I swear it. ”
” When You sent Me that Check, I used it to put a downpayment on a Home for Us. What Sergeant Stone said to You was a Lie. I didn’t selfishly spend it on luxuries for Myself. He told You that because He was angry at Me for denying His advances. ” She explained to Him, while looking into His eyes silently pleading for Him to understand, and to believe Her.
” Sweetheart, I never told You about Sergeant Stone’s actions since I knew how close a Friend He was to You. I didn’t want to rip apart a friendship You needed so much during that time in Your life. You were dealing with enough simply fighting in a War, and trying hard to stay alive. ” She pleaded with Him, hopinig that He was completely accepting Her words.
He stared at Her the way He used to whenever They argued, and She wondered what was going through His mind. The moment seemed to last for an eternity until He finally smiled at Her. His Smile warmed Her Heart, and Her Soul, and She knew it had to mean that He had understood, and accepted Her words. He had forgiven Her, she was sure of it.
” My Dearest Love, I’m so Happy now that You’ve finally told Me the Truth. I wish You had told Me before I died, so We could have had the Life that We always wanted to have Together. At least now I can go through Eternity in complete Peace, knowing that You didn’t betray Me. I Love You, My Dearest, now and until the End of Time. ” The Way He spoke to Her while looking at Her with a Smile so full of True Love, She was finally truly Happy once again.
Just then when She was hoping beyond hope for that moment to last forever, the attending Nurse came over to Her.
” What are You doing Miss ?! Why are You Talking to an Empty hospital bed ?! You need to leave right away. You’re a disturbance to the other patients in this room ! ” She angrily, and loudly shouted at Her.
As soon as the attending nurse started shouting at Her, He faded quickly away before Her eyes. As he faded His face still had that wonderful loving smile. She had accomplished what She had so fervently hoped for, but wasn’t sure if it would be possible.


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