Didn’t Hear from ” Him ” Yesterday, but It’s Okay….

Yesterday my ” Maine ” Sweetheart didn’t Call Me, but it’s Okay. I can’t be unreasonable with Him, and expect Him to Call Me Every Single Day. That would be simply too demanding of Me, since I know He works Very Hard at His Job 5 to 6 Days a Week. Granted it’s an 8 Hour Shift job, but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s Easy for Him. From what He’s told Me about it, it sounds like the Others He works with don’t typically do Their Share of the Work most Days, and it ends up on Him to pick up the slack. That’s so Unfair of Them to do that to Him that I couldn’t help telling Him that I WISH that I could go Up There to Maine and tell OFF those JERKS ! I could tell He was Smiling when I told Him that on the Phone. I’m glad I made Him Smile, but in a Big Way I was serious. I can’t stand it when Anyone is treated Unfairly at Their Job. Work is hard enough without having to do Twice, or even Three Times as much Work, because Others aren’t doing Their Jobs ! So Bottom Line is that I know that during His ” Work Week ” He’s Very Tired when He gets Off Work, as to be expected. I know how I am usually when I’m exhausted. When You’re that exhausted most people don’t feel like picking up a phone. They want to maybe get a Shower, get Something to Eat, and just Sit Back – Relax – and Unwind. As much as I would LOVE to Talk to Him on the Phone Every Single Day, I realize that I Have to Remember Everything that I just mentioned. Above ALL… I LOVE Him Very Much, and I would do Anything that I needed to in order to take His Needs into consideration. Yesterday I assume He must have been Very Tired when His Work Day ended, and probably after unwinding for awhile and eating dinner; He probably ended up Falling Asleep Earlier than usual. He gets up at 4:30 AM Every Morning for Work, so I definitely can’t blame Him at all for wanting to get enough Sleep. Besides… It’s Very Possible that since Yesterday was Wednesday – the Middle of the Week – that it was even Busier than Usual. That’s a definite possibility. Since Tomorrow – Friday – I know He’ll be OFF Work, He’ll probably Call Me Today when He gets OFF Work. I hope that His Work Day Today is going Well for Him. I can only imagine how anxious He must be for His Day to end since This Weekend is His Weekend OFF – ( He’ll have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday OFF ).
I have only One Small Concern. I know for a Fact that many times He Loves to go Camping with His ” Buddies ” on His Weekends OFF. I don’t have any problem with that, of course. The ONLY Thing I wish that He would do is to Make SURE that He lets Me know He’ll be away ALL Weekend Long Camping. That Way at least I won’t be Wondering ALL WEEKEND LONG why He hasn’t Called Me. A Brief E-mail Message would be enough to let Me know. That’s ALL I’m asking for. I don’t think it’s asking for Too Much. The Problem is that He has a BAD Habit of deciding at ” The Last Minute ” – ( at least I’m guessing that’s what happens ) – that He’s going to go Camping ALL Weekend, and He doesn’t Think to… or maybe doesn’t have Time to… Stop, and Send Me an E-mail Message. I consider Myself an Understanding Person, yet I still can’t help but Wish that my ” Maine ” Sweetheart would Try just a Little Harder to be a bit more considerate. Don’t get Me wrong at all, though, I’m not saying that He’s a Rude, or Bad Person at all ! NOT at ALL ! He’s a Wonderfully Caring, Kind, and Loving Man. I’m only Hoping that He’ll gain a little awareness of how it affects Me when I’m left Wondering WHY I haven’t heard from Him for several days, or so. That’s all. It’d probably be a LOT different for Me IF I was Working Full-Time like He is, but I don’t because of my Bad Knees. Not Working leaves Me with WAY TOO MUCH Free Time on My Hands to ” Think “, and ” Wonder ” about Things. There’s Nothing Wrong with Thinking of course, but with so Much Free Time on Your Hands it tends to become more like ” Over-Analyzing ” than simple ” Thinking “. Even long before my Knees became so Bad that I couldn’t Work anymore, I had a Bad Habit of ” Over-Analyzing ” Things then. I hope that as much as I realize that I need to completely accept EVERYTHING about my ” Maine ” Sweetheart – ( Good and Bad ); I Hope that He’ll be willing and able to completely accept EVERYTHING about ME – ( Good and Bad ). The Reason I say that is because for a Couple to Truly be Completely Happy, and have a Truly Successful Relationship, they must accept EVERYTHING about Each Other, and NOT Try to Change Each Other. As much as a Person may want to Change something about the Person They’re with, the FACT of the matter is that People are WHO They Are… and basically will ALWAYS be that Same Person. Sure many Times We may do some small things to improve Our Lives, but the CORE Personality of a Person – the CORE Aspects of Them – will Always be the Same. To Truly LOVE the One You’re With You MUST LOVE the ” WHOLE ” PERSON… ALL of Them.. Good and Bad. I believe it comes down to a Matter of whether, or not You can accept whatever ” Bad Character Aspects ” They have. Can You tolerate Them, and / or Live with Those Aspects, and NOT have Them drive You NUTS ?! You have to ask Yourself that for the sake of the Relationship. I’ve learned this the Hard Way from Past Mistakes I’ve made in previous Relationships. I Wish I had this sort of Understanding about Relationships MANY Years ago, but I suppose Hind Sight is 20/20… or whatever other saying applies to this. But… I realize I’ve definitely gone WAY OFF TOPIC of what I had originally started making this post about. Sorry about that, but still I think the additional issues I mentioned are all relevant to the underlying topic. What’s kind of Ironic, I think… is that the Way I ended up rambling on a bit is a Good Example of how I ” Over-Analyze ” things. LOL ! Isn’t it ? It seems to be to Me.


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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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