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Sometimes I can’t help wonder if I Bore my ” Maine Sweetheart ” when We’re Talking on the Phone. The reason why I say that is because during some of Our Conversations I get the undeniable feeling that He’d rather … Continue reading

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An Eternal Flame….

Thoughts of Him fill My Mind, and My Soul. Dreams of Him occupy nearly Every Night I rest. This Love I have for Him burns through Me completely, Yet I have No Desire to be Set Free. The Flames threaten … Continue reading

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Floating on ‘ Cloud Nine ‘ Today… xoxoxo

I had a Wonderful phone conversation with my ‘ Maine Sweetheart ‘ this Afternoon. It had only just talked to Him Yesterday, but I Live to hear His Voice. I’m like a Fish out of Water when I haven’t heard … Continue reading

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Conflicted Feelings….

Granted I entitled this entry ” Conflicted Feelings “, but I’m not completely sure Why I’m conflicted. Perhaps ‘ conflicted ‘ is too strong a Word for what I feel. I just don’t know. The Issue is One that’s been … Continue reading

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Got a Much Wanted and Needed Call Last Night… xoxoxo

Last Night around 8:30 pm, My ” Maine ” Sweetheart called Me. At that point in the Evening I had pretty much given up that He was going to Call Me Yesterday, since lately He’s been calling Me during the … Continue reading

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Talked to My ” Maine Sweetheart ” Yesterday Afternoon….

It was Great to hear from My ” Maine Sweetheart ” Yesterday Afternoon. The Only Thing that bothered Me – that I didn’t let on about to Him though – was that I felt I ” wimped out ” a … Continue reading

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Torn….. But Why ????…. I Wish I Knew…

Lately I’ve been feeling very Mixed as far as my Feelings about 2 People that have been an integral part of my Life for a Very Long Time. One is my Ex-Bf that I have a Very ” Mixed ” … Continue reading

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