Don’t Know What to Think Right Now….

I’m not really sure What to Think Right now. After all, the Last Time I talked to My ” Aussie ” Sweetheart was This Afternoon when He had Finally got ” The Consulate ” to agree to give Him much needed Transportation. That was when He sprung it on Me that instead of going straight to ” Summer Lake Villas “, He was planning on going to ” The Tahitian Resort ” instead – at least Temporarily until Him and I can make the needed arrangements for ” Summer Lake Villas “. I wish He hadn’t done that though, because after I got off the phone with Him I looked up that place Online. I didn’t like the Reviews of ” The Tahitian Resort ” at all ! They Sucked, frankly ! There were Reports of Everything from BUGS, to Bed Bugs, to Unsafe Rooms, and Bathrooms with Water that Wasn’t Working ! What a DUMP it sounded like ! I just HOPE AND PRAY that since those Reviews were Actually Posted the Management at that place has changed, and They’ve done some MAJOR Renovations ! I HOPE ! Even just Temporarily, I wouldn’t want Him to have to Stay in a Place like that ! NO WAY ! I WISH things were Different Here with My Parents ! IF They had been, then I would have gladly said… ” Come HERE to Me, and Stay Here with Me Until We can go make arrangements with ” Summer Lake Villas ” ! ” I WISH I could have done that. That would have saved Me a LOT of Worrying, and would have Saved a LOT of hassle for Him as well. But as I know all too well, Wishing doesn’t change a Damn Thing ! So all I can Truly do is to work with What’s ACTUALLY going on. I just WISH I knew what was Truly going on ! I WISH He would have Called Me BACK by Now, since it’s already 8:06 pm, and He led Me to believe that He Needed Me to Help Him out Financially with the Cost of ” The Tahitian Resort “. He even Agreed that He would have ” Them ” Call Me as soon as He got There. BUT that Phone Call NEVER happened ! So What happened ? I Wish to God that I knew ! Since He obviously DIDN’T have ME pay for the Cost of ” The Tahitian Resort “, WHO DID ???? OR… there is ONE OTHER POSSIBILITY… MAYBE He didn’t End Up going to ” The Tahitian Resort “, and He went to Someone’s Place Instead ???? OR MAYBE He actually Changed His Mind, and He went to His Home DESPITE the Fact His NIECE is STILL THERE ! Could He have done that LAST ONE ?!?!? I WISH TO GOD THAT I TRULY KNEW ! HOPEFULLY EVEN IF HE DOESN’T CALL ME BACK TONIGHT… I HOPE AND PRAY THAT HE’LL GIVE ME A CALL FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING ! I Want, and Need to be able to Talk to Him about Coming to See Him This Friday. I’ll NEED His Current Address, of course, so Bridgette can find the Way There. Besides that, I simply Want and NEED to Know that He’s Okay… oh and of course, I Want to Talk to Him some more about signing up for ” Summer Lake Villas ” Together. I Hope that He hasn’t changed His Mind about THAT. He seemed to be ” Thrilled ” with Me suggesting it when I mentioned it Earlier Today. I don’t see Why He would change His mind after seeming so Happy about it. I’m just HOPING and PRAYING that somehow possibly an ” Ex-Girlfriend ” came out of the woodwork – so to speak – and He talked Them into Taking Him BACK Today ! That couldn’t have happened !? Could it have ?!? I wish I could be absolutely certain… but when You’re left ” Out in the Dark ” You’re left with Nothing but Your Imagination to go on. Unfortunately I have a VERY Vivid Imagination ! That’s a ” Good Thing ” sometimes… BUT during Times like THIS ONE it’s NOT A GOOD THING AT ALL ! I HOPE AND PRAY THAT HE’LL CALL ME SOON… AND THEN ALL OF THIS WILL BE SETTLED… AT LEAST MOST OF IT WILL BE. LOL


About insanityrules67

I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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