The Call from My ” Aussie ” Sweetheart…

My ” Aussie ” Sweetheart Called Me This Morning at 10:15 am. It was a little unusual for Him to Call Me that early, but I soon realized why He had. I believe it was because He was feeling pretty well, and also seemed to be in a very good mood. Those things are GREAT, obviously. I just Wish He had called Me from Somewhere a LOT more quite. I know at that Place it’s hard to find areas like that, since anywhere You go there’s going to be at least a few people either sitting, or standing around talking. Still, it was a bit awkward trying to Talk to ” My Love ” with so much Noise in the Background. Finally I felt obliged to give up, and I told Him that ” I’d let Him go for now, since it’s so Noisy There right now. ” In response to that He said that He’d Call Me Back Later On Today. He’s been relatively good at keeping His Word about Calling Me back, except for a Few Times when He’s said that He’d Call Me Back Later and ” Later ” becomes Never. That’s only happened in the Evenings though, and I figure that the Reason for that has been because He was Very Tired, or in a Lot of Pain, or Both, so He decided to go to Bed Early. I can’t blame Him for that at all. I wouldn’t even think of it. I know that He needs His Rest. It’s extremely important to His health, and His over all Mood too. Thankfully, When I talked to Him on the Phone for a Short Time this Morning He said that He Slept Well Last Night, and that He’s Feeling good Today… as well as being in a ” Chipper ” Mood. I told Him that’s Wonderful to hear, and I truly meant it. It hurts Me when I know that He’s in Pain. I wish with Everything in Me that I could Take His Pain Away. So I do the Only Thing that I Truly have to do, which is to Prayer for Him to be Completely Healed of ALL 3 of the Cancers in His Body, and for God to PLEASE Take Away the Terrible Pain that’s been a part of the Cancers’ plague. Every Moment of Every Day and Night, I Pray for Him to be completely Healed, and for the Pain to be Taken Away… so He can Be Healthy Again, and Live a Very Long, Healthy, and Happy Life.
I hope that He does Call Me Back Later on Today. I realize that it’ll more than likely be AFTER the Daytona 500 Race has played out on TV. I know that He plans on Watching that on TV, and it starts a 1 pm. I figure it’ll probably last for about 2 – 3 hours, so Hopefully He’ll either Call Me back sometime BEFORE He goes to Dinner, OR He’ll Call Me Back Sometime AFTER Dinner time.
I Hope that He likes the Text Message I sent to Him awhile ago. It was a Sexy Text Message that was pretty naughty. I simply wanted Him to Know how Much I was Thinking about Him, and How Much I ” Want Him “… and Love Him. xoxoxoxo
The Text message ended up a little bit on the long side, but I really couldn’t help it. It was the length that I needed it to be for Everything that I wanted to say to Him. It’s 12:34 pm now, and I haven’t gotten a Reply Back from Him about the Text Message, but I’m hoping that it’s ONLY because He’s at Lunch now. Hopefully sometime AFTER Lunch He’ll send Me at least a Short Text Message letting Me know What He Thought about the Message I had sent to Him. But even IF He doesn’t send Me a Text Message Back, I’ll make a point of NOT raising a Fuss about it. I know that He wouldn’t like Me doing that, for sure.

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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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