Not Going to Play ” That Game ” Today…. Not going to do it… lol …

I’ve pretty much already decided This Morning that No Matter How Much I may really Want to Call Him, I’m not going to do it Today ! Maybe it’s silly of Me, since after all We’re both Adults. So shouldn’t We be  ” Past ” doing these sort of things ? What I mean is playing a ” Game ” of WHO’S going to Call WHO First ?!

I have plenty of Stress in My Life right now as it is without Stressing Over something as silly as waiting and wondering whether or not He’s going to Call !

It’s just not worth it… no matter How Much I LOVE hearing His Voice on the Phone, and Love Talking to Him. I’ve got to separate Myself from this ” Game ” – or at least from what is seeming to be like a ” Game ” to Him.

Maybe it’s not so much a ” Game ” as a small ” Power Trip ” of sorts.

Because I can’t help wondering IF He gets some sort of ” Power Rush ” believing that I must be Waiting Around Anxiously for Him to Call Me, but He knows that I will Fight My Own Urges to Call Him – especially after that Last ” Lecture ” I got about Calling Him / or Text-ing Him Too Much ! I wanted so BAD to ask Him right then… ” Well, then IF You Truly Feel that Way, does that Mean that You Want Me to

STOP Calling You Completely ?! “

I didn’t ask Him that, but I think I said Something fairly Close to it. I believe I got the Point across fairly well that I was ” Hurt “, and ” Annoyed “, by His Lecture.

He made Me feel like I was some sort of ” BAD KID ” that had done Something Naughty, and so I needed a ” Talking To ” !

I can’t tolerate that sort of TALK !

I put up with it TOO MUCH when I Was Married, and Also put up with it WAY TOO MUCH with Ray – an EX-BF.

So WHY would I want to put up with it Now from a New Boyfriend ?!

The Answer is a HUGE Resounding NO !

I almost Forgot to mention at the Beginning of this Post that My ” NOT Going to PLAY ” includes TEXTS as well ! I should probably even say that it ESPECIALLY INCLUDES TEXTS, since not too long ago He made a BIG FUSS over the Phone JUST BECAUSE I had sent Him 2 Texts in ONE DAY ! TWO !

But HE acted as IF Those TWO Texts were actually about 10 to 15 TEXTS !

In Fact He even said something to the affect that I needed to STOP sending Him 5 or 6 Texts a Day ! HAHAHAHAHA !!!! LOL ! That’s Funny ! I’m laughing because that’s a Huge Exaggeration ! I told Him so too ! I told Him something like… ” Don’t You think You’re being OVERLY Dramatic about this, and Exaggerating quite a bit !?!?!?! “

He tried to Deny that He was exaggerating too much, but I could hear in the Tone of His Voice that He Knew He was doing that.

Anyways…. to appease Him… since according to Him I send Him Too Many Texts, and I was Calling Him TOO MUCH !… I’ve begun my own personal ” Mission ” – so to speak – where I make sure that IF I do Call Him I’ll ONLY Call Him ONE TIME during a period of ONE DAY. I Won’t Call Him AGAIN that Same Day, even IF He never Calls Me Back !

PLUS, IF I dare to Send Him a Text, I ONLY send Him ONE TEXT in the period of ONE DAY, and I don’t send Him additional Texts to Ask IF He got the First One, OR I Won’t Call Him to ASK HIM IF He got the Text Message that I sent to Him that Day.

Anyways…. So Here We are… Monday February 11th….

Only 2 Days left till I’ll SEE HIM this Thursday for Valentine’s Day ! YAY !

At least when I’m interacting with Him ” Face to Face ” I don’t have to Wonder what He’s really Thinking, or Feeling… I can either SEE IT on His Face, OR chances are Very Good that He’ll be BLUNT and tell Me to ” My Face ” what’s on His Mind.

I Love Him Dearly, but I can tell that I have a LONG WAY to go towards getting to Know Him much better. I PRAY that God in HIS Mercy gives US the ” Time ” to Truly Be Together… and Allows My Sweetheart to Live a Very LONG, Healthy, and Happy Life… AND NOT allow it to be Cut Short by Cancers !

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I'm passionate about Writing. I have been ever since high school. I also Love to Read Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Plus I enjoy Drawing, Playing Games Online, Watching Movies, Playing Board Games, Watching WWE Wrestling, and Gazing at the Stars on a Clear Cool Fall - or Winter - Night. Plus I also Love to stay in Touch with my Friends and Family Online.
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